The Villages of Chestnut Ridge

Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)

I. Accepted as Complete on June 11th 2009

II.Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)

FEIS Drawings

1 .List of Revised Preliminary Site Development Plans

2. Revised Preliminary Site Development Plans

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)
Accepted as Complete on March 12, 2009

DEIS Volume 1

Volume 1 List of Documents

I.DEIS Summary

II.DEIS Section II Project Description

III. Environmental Setting, Anticipated Impacts and Mitigating Measures

DEIS Section III.A Land Use

DEIS Section III.B. Topography and Soils

DEIS Section III.C. Vegetation and Wildlife

DEIS Section III.D. Surface Drainage and Water Resources

DEIS Section III.E. Traffic and Site Access

DEIS Section III.F. Infrastructure and Utilities

DEIS Section III.G. Impact on Climate Change

DEIS Section III.H. Community Services

DEIS Section III.I. Noise and Air Quality

DEIS Section III.J.Unavoidable Project Impacts

DEIS Section III.K Alternatives

DEIS Section III.L. Potential Growth Inducing Aspects


DEIS Volume 2

Volume 2 List of Documents

Appendix A Project Correspondence

Appendix B SEQRA Documentation

Appendix C List of interested and involved parties

Appendix D Traffic Impact Study

Appendix E Water supply Investigation Report

Appendix F Phase 1 & 2 Archaeology Studies

Appendix G Wetland Delineation Mapping

Appendix H Vegetation and Wildlife Resources Report

Appendix I Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Engineering Report

Appendix J Water Distribution System Engineering Report

Appendix K Stromwater Pollution Prevention Plan

DEIS Volume 3 - Drawings

Volume 3 - List of Documents

DEIS Drawings Volume 3- I Alternate Concept Plan for the Villages of Chestnut Ridge

DEIS-Drawings Volume 3.II.A.Preferred Master Plan for the Villages of Chestnut Ridge

DEIS Drawings Volume 3-II.B. Revised Preferred Plan


DEIS Volume 4 - Drawings

List of Documents Volume 4

Preliminary Site Development Plan for the Villages of Chestnut Ridge January 20, 2009